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Cookies too
good to save
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Sweet Eve's
Gourmet Cookies
Sweet Eve's was established in 2002 by
Eva Roberson after many years of her love for
baking.  Her perfected recipes provide delicious
homemade cookies baked with the best ingredients
and absolutely no preservatives added.  Making them an
absolute gourmet treat.

                               What started out as just great baking  
                                for friends and family has stemmed    
                                out to selling her home baked              
                                goodness to those who just love         
                                delectable cookies!

Sweet Eve's sells a large variety of cookie flavors that
are baked and wrapped with sweetness.  She offers
"Cookie Catering" on beautiful trays for any occasion,
including office meetings, birthday parties and
weddings.  Gift bags or personal bags are also available!

Order now and you will soon be indulging in every bite!  
Credit cards are now accepted!
"Your Business is Heaven Sent"